Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 Gifts to Give Tuesdays

Sticking to the schedule, it's 5 Gifts to Give Tuesday!

Etsy has some of the most talented artisans that I've ever found. I love that all the great items featured there are handmade. A handmade gift is so special to me. :) Here are 5 items that would make perfect gifts. They're all from the "Undiscovered" section of the Pounce feature.

I love this Owl Ribbon Tag Blankie! Actually, I love anything with an owl on it... This blanket was handmade from a soft cotton fabric and is the perfect gift for a baby shower.

I found this Market Tote with Braided Straps and fell in love! It's completely handmade and is super cool. I love how the button is made from found pieces of wood and how the straps are from repurposed leather.

I LOVE these necklaces! I've played around with making them, but mine are no where near as pretty as this Family Necklace. You know I love this one because it already has my name on it! ;)

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies. Enough said!

This bracelet is so pretty! I love the Coral and Onyx Mantra design. It makes me want to visit China and see all the sights!

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