Thursday, June 10, 2010

Interview Thursdays!

Interview Thursdays are possibly my favorite day of the week! I love getting to know some of my favorite sellers better is just so great to me. It's nice to find out what other artists do and what their goals are with their shops.

This week I interviewed one of my favorite sellers, Marcy from Eclectic Orchid. I've bought 3-4 beautiful necklaces and a gorgeous pair of earrings from her. As a jewelry maker myself, I must say that her work is excellent!

Here's the interview:
1. Please tell me about yourself (background, interests, how you got into jewelery making, etc.)

I am originally from a small town south of New Orleans. I moved to the Charlotte area a little over 4 years ago with my husband, daughter, and son (okay, he’s actually a dog but he doesn’t know it). I have a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. I used to manage a group home for physically and developmentally disabled women, but left shortly before my daughter was born and am now lucky enough to be a full time stay-at-home mom and craftster.

I love to craft, play with my daughter, read, listen to music, spend time with my family, take pictures of anything and everything, make jewelry, make jewelry, make jewelry….haha.

I have always dabbled in the arts since I was young, taking painting classes and experimenting with photography. A few years ago my mom wanted to take a jewelry class and thought my sister and I would enjoy it as well. I learned basic techniques that day. I would pick it up now and again, but for the most part had no time to enjoy it. After my daughter was born, I was going through some boxes and came across my old jewelry supplies. I originally started making jewelry again to break the monotony of being home all the time. I realized how passionate I was about it and that’s how Eclectic Orchid came to be.

2. What can you tell me about your store? What types of items can one find there? How long have you been in business?

My store is my passion, my hobby, my love. It is my creative refuge, a place to translate my dreams into works of wearable art and tell fanciful stories. My jewelry and accessories range from simple and delicate to extravagant and sometimes over the top. I love color and whimsy and always try to incorporate a bit of both into each piece. I also love vintage components because I feel they tell a tale and incorporate them whenever possible. Eclectic Orchid has been open since August 2008.

3. What or who inspires you?

I draw inspiration from anything and everything. I see creative potential in everything around me: my family, nature, movies, music, art, words, colors, love, life, etc.

4. Where would you like to see your business go in the longrun?

I am not really sure. I hope that it will continue to flourish and grow over time. It makes me happy to share my art with others, so as long as I get to continue doing that I will be thrilled.

Well, I hope y'all loved learning more about Marcy. She has such beautiful designs and I know you'll love them, just as I do!

Be sure to check out Marcy's beautiful designs and take advantage of her Summer Sale going on now! :)

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