Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simply Stacie Giveaway- Lauren Nicole Monogrammed Gifts

Stacie has another WONDERFUL give away! It's a beautiful necklace from Lauren Nicole Monogrammed Gifts custom made with your name on it!

Check out the giveaway here and visit Lauren Nicole's website here.

I love all of her designs but particularly the Monogrammed Badge Reels and the necklace in Stacie's giveaway.

I entered into the giveaway, too. I hope I win......hehe :)

(Anyone else notice that I've had a lot to blog about today? lol)

Coupon Codes to Followers!

Hey everyone! I hope you're all having a great day; mine has been pretty productive, which is always good!

I was considering making a mailing list for all of my customers and fans on Etsy but I've decided to do it via this blog. Anyone who would like to receive monthly coupon codes or sale information, please follow my blog! I won't send you any spam because that's just rude!

COUPON CODE for now until Jan 31st: AC10

Shop my store on Etsy, Bisou Bisou Beads, and receive a 10% refund via Paypal when you use the above code a checkout!

Simply Stacie Giveaways

I was recently contacted by Stacie, the lovely woman who runs the blog Simply Stacie, and was asked to participate in a giveaway. She does some awesome giveaways and lately they have been chock full of Twilight items (my favorite!!).

My personal favorite giveaway she has going on right now is the Twilight book covers altared art charms by Shadesongs on Etsy. Shadesongs has been a favorite shop of mine for a while now; her work is so beautiful! I also love her other shop TwilightShades.

You can view Stacie's blog here and don't forget to enter one of her giveaways!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My first blog!

Hey everyone! So this is my first blog...ever. lol I feel out of the loop!

So a little about me. I'm a college student who's looking to make a name for herself in the jewelry design world. I'm majoring in marketing and business and I one day hope to open my own jewelry/ beading shop. I sell my designs at currently.

I plan to blog frequently; every day if I can manage it! I'm going to talk about my favorite designs, shops on Etsy, suppliers, or any other jewelry-related stuff I happen to think of.

I LOVE Twilight and I'm currently obsessed with designing Twilight jewelry so I expect to review a lot of shops that sell Twilight designs, too!

Well, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my blogs to come!