Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

I've gotten really tired of my typical brown bag lunch, a ham and cheese sandwich, so today I decided to try something different. After much thinking, I decided we had all the fixings for chicken salad. My recipe is not traditional by any means, and it just eyeballed most of the amounts but I think I can give you the gist of it!

-cooked chicken, shredded (I used some Tyson precooked chicken in a bag)
-5 cherries, cut into 8ths (some recipes call for grapes, I had cherries)
-light mayo (enough to stick it together, cause I hate mayo)
-mustard (just a dime size amount)
-thyme (a little sprinkled on top)
-almond pieces (the recipes online call for walnuts but almonds are my favorite)

Mix it all up in a bowl and spread on some whole wheat bread. I topped mine with baby spinach leaves and sliced tomato with a little salt. Pretty healthy, uses lots of fresh summer ingredients, and tasty!