Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So incredibly frustrated with this Etsy seller! VENT

I won't say who she is because that would be completely unprofessional (though I want to so you don't have to go through it too!) but I'm so very frustrated with a certain seller on Etsy and I really need to vent.

Let me tell you what happened. On Dec 2, 2008, I bought a pair of earrings. It was a "surprise" listing where you tell the buyer about yourself and she designs a pair of earrings to suit you. When they arrived on the 23rd, three weeks later may I add, they were very cheap and ugly. I paid $16 for them and could have made them with about $2 myself! I left neutral feedback because of the time it took to ship them and their poor quality. She contacted me and asked if I'd like an exchange so I said sure. I left positive feedback for being such an understanding seller. Big mistake.

Well, I returned the earrings to her on Dec 26 and messaged her on Jan 10th to see if she'd gotten them. She said they arrived on the 4th and they where "in line" with the other orders she'd received on Jan 4th. As of Jan 27th, I messaged her asking about the status of my order and if she had tracking info. She did not respond and I finally filed a non-delivery dispute on Feb 2nd. I also asked for a refund.

Today she responded and said that I had acted harshly and unfairly! OMG, I can't believe her! I contacted her multiple times and never got a response. I waited almost a whole month!! (BTW, did I mention that her feedback score has fallen from 100% to 97% since I purchased the earrings on Dec 2 and she has over 700 reviews? That's about 20 negatives!) Other feedback left by buyers said the same things I was experiencing- slow delivery, helpful at first then ignored messages, non-delivery and no contact, etc.

Needless to say, I'm highly disappointed with this seller. She seems too concerned with getting sales and making money to take care of her customers and, unfortunately, I fell into that 3% of unhappy buyers. She claims that she's mailed the earrings out (not that she offered WHEN she did this or tracking information) and IF they arrive, I'll have to cancel the non-delivery dispute.

It's just so very frustrating to know that people are out to make a buck and don't care how their customers get treated. Anyone who has studied business knows that a business is not out to actually MAKE MONEY but to MAKE CUSTOMERS. After all, you are nothing without your customers.

On a happier note, Friday I expect to blog about a wonderful seller! (Friday is when I'll get the necklace I ordered.) And I WILL tell you who this great lady is then!

Thanks for reading this really long rant. I feel so much better now that it's off my chest. Hopefully none of you have gone through anything so unreasonable as this situation and hopefully you never will!

Have a great day, everyone!

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