Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New, new, new!

Just wanted to let everyone know that my Etsy shop is all new! I have many more items for sale now, including my new tile pendant designs, and I have 2 special sales going on.

10% off on select Twilight designs with the code "VAMP10"
10% off other items in honor or Mother's Day with the code "MOMMY10"

I've been marketing it like crazy all day so hopefully I'll get some sales soon! They've slacked off the past few days... I do have 3 new "who ♥s my shop" followers and have also set up a Facebook ad. I've blogged about it, Tweeted it, Myspace-d it, Indiepublic-ed it, etc. Basically everything I can think of!! Wish me luck!

Add an extra 5% to your disount when you purchase an item and tell me that you follow my blog! (Make sure to give me your username so I can double check!)

Have a great evening! ♥

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