Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to Blogging and a Trip to Earth Fare

Back to Blogging!

Hello again, everyone! It's been months since I updated this blog, so if you're still following me, you're awesome! :)

I have a really tough time coming up with something jewelry related to post daily so I've decided to change it up a bit. I am still going to post some jewelry updates but I'm going to post other things too- whatever I feel like posting! I've been cooking lots of new things lately so I'll probably post come recipes. I also really loving finding great deals and using coupons so I'm sure I'll share the deals that I find with you, too!

One of the things that inspired me to get back to the blog was my friend Kathleen who just made her own blog. One of her first posts was about her recent shopping trip to the local Earth Fare healthy grocery store and she told me about this great coupon deal they're offering right now. With any $10 purchase, you can get a whole chicken, baby carrots, and mashed potatoes for free! All you have to do is sign up on the Welcome Home page and print out the coupon.

So... dinner tonight will be our freebies plus some sliced tomatoes and Australian white cheddar cheese I found. I can't wait to try that cheese! :) I'm going to try my hand at cooking a whole chicken tonight using Kathleen's recipe of lemons and rosemary. I'm also going to make some garlic thyme carrots. Wish me luck!

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