Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swarovski Crystal Colors

Good evening all! Starting now, I'm going to try to update the blog more frequently. Life can get so busy sometimes that it's hard to remember to do it and sometimes, I just have nothing to say! I know that I have almost 100 followers so I guess I should give y'all something to read now and again! lol
This one is for the beady people in the crowd.

Have you ever wondered just what color the Swarovski crystal in your inventory is? I found a great chart on their website with all the colors they make for bicones, pearls, and flat backs. It's a fabulous resource for anyone who uses the products regularly. I printed a copy and will keep it in my "look book" of designs.

Check out the PDF here. The chart is on pages 16-19. (Pages 20-23 also have a great bracelet tutorial to try out!) Enjoy. :)

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  1. Thanks! Thats great cause I work with swarovski crytals all the time :)